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The Pactimo Story



Pactimo (pac-TEAM-o) is a derivative of the word impactful. When the company was founded, we set out to make an imPACT on the industry, our customer's and employee's lives and, most importantly, this global village we call Earth.

Sure, we’re crazy passionate about our product. But you might also say we’re crazy passionate about being part of a company that is making a difference in people’s lives.

Impacting the Industry

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Impacting Our Community

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Impacting the World


Born In Colorado – The Epicenter Of North American Cycling… 

Pactimo has found continuous inspiration in our home’s breathtaking beauty and extreme conditions to develop cycling apparel for every climate, elevation, and adventure. 

Since 2003, we have shipped over 2.5+ million garments to champions, teams, clubs, and individual cyclists around the globe. 

Unlike many other cycling brands, our roots are in Custom Cycling Apparel. That means at Pactimo, we’ve always cared most about you, the customer, and your specific needs and aspirations as an individual rider.  

Our product development is driven by continuous direct feedback from thousands of customers, as well as by personal testing in the rugged and diverse conditions of our backyard. 

This process enables us to develop some of the most innovative, technical cycling clothing on the market. This spirit of continuous innovation is also deep in the DNA of our PACTIMO-branded apparel, which makes Pactimo quality available to the broader audience of individual cyclists through our online shop.  

Inside the Factory

Unlike most of our competitors, we own our factory and everyone who works there is an employee of Pactimo. We only make athletic apparel, so you can be reassured that our employees are true craftsman and experts at what they do.

EArth-friendly experience

As part of an ongoing commitment to reduce our carbon footprint, we have completely shifted to environmentally-friendly packaging, and our development team has made it their number-one priority to source high-performance, recycled fabrics for our jerseys and bibs.

One for All

Pactimo has a long history of building diversity and inclusion in the sport of cycling. We were one of the first to develop full clothing lines for women cyclists, and have always supported teams and athletes of color and those who are challenged by physical disabilities. Check out these inspiring stories of men and women beating the odds and pushing the boundaries.

A Community of Cyclists
Pactimo Ambassador Club

Starting in 2013, we’ve built close relationships with a dedicated group of Pactimo customers. Originally formed as our Pactimo Brand Ambassadors (open to only a select few each year), the PAC now includes avid cyclists and triathletes all around the globe who are dedicated to generating passion for sport and an active lifestyle.

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